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Sustainable Compute services

Our compute service include a variety of compute intensive workloads. These workloads span the traditional High Performance Computing (HPC) applications, like genomics, computational chemistry, financial risk modeling, computer aided engineering, weather prediction, and seismic imaging, as well as emerging applications, like machine learning & deep learning.

Secure Backup

We understand the importance of being able to continue to use your software and access your data, even in the event of system failures, data corruption or site disasters. We can store, backup & archive your data and mitigate all your data risks in the "safest location in the world." And everything exactly the way you want it as it is made for you.

Built for
your needs

Our made to measure build and operate capabilities guarantees your operations exactly the way you want. We have a proven ability to deliver in record time & budget. Our most recent project took 3 months from breaking ground to operation.

We build and operate world-class sustainable data centers using renewable clean and carbon-free energy.

Long-term energy contracts enable predictable and economical operations costs. Our safe and reliable Data Centers are connected to world class power infrastructure and use advanced natural cooling solutions to achieve maximum efficiency.


Etix Everywhere Borealis builds and operates  sustainable data centers using renewable clean and carbon-free energy. Located in Iceland, one of the safest locations in the world, we have a strong data center service solution offerings for companies interested in establishing and/or expanding their operations to a northerly position with year round free cooling, right between two of the world’s key markets in North America and Europe. EBB is an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious operator. 

Q3 2020 – New submarine cable (IRIS)announced, connecting Iceland to Ireland

Q1 2020 – All capacity utilized to 40MW

Q1 2020 – First large scale data storage deployment

Q2 2019 – Grand opening of Blönduós DC

Q1 2019 – Full delivery of Blönduós DC

Q3 2018 – Fitjar DC delivered (10MW)

Q3 2018 – Blönduós DC first phase delivered

Q2 2018 – Blönduós DC project starts

Q4 2018 – Etix invests in Borealis

2017 – Capacity at 0,5MW

2014 – First customer deployed

2014 – Borealis Data Center founded

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